Strange Things Are Happening

Here’s the reason for the recent lack of updates. Our new website, Strange Things Are Happening, launches on October 11th. Here, you’ll find extensive Crumpet galleries – over 90 so far – ranging from glamour girls to scream queens to strippers and burlesque stars. On top of that, there are galleries covering pulp fiction (and non-fiction), cult movies, comic books and more. And we have an extensive review section featuring DVD, music, book, performance and much more, plus features, interviews, video clips and the latest news of the weird!

We’ll still be updating here… but Strange Things is the place to go for the full experience!

The Girls of Hammer

A nice video tribute the Hammer’s Scream Queens!

A Bit of Tit

A few issues of the legendary Titbits magazine

Debbie Linden

Debbie Linden had a thirst for success which never really paid off – her Page 3 career never matched that of Linda Lusardi. Samantha Fox or even Maria Whittaker, and her acting roles were merely as decoration in the likes of late-period Are You Being Served? and The Wildcats of St Trinians. She developed a taste for life in the fast lane, dated Lemmy from Motorhead and after years out of the spotlight, died of a drugs overdose in the late 90’s.

Edwige Fenech

Star of countless Italian sex comedies and giallo movies

Dirty Daleks

All those people complaining about the Doctor’s new companion dressed as a sexy policewoman would probably die of shock if they saw these classic shots of Katy Manning making love, not war with the Daleks!

Sadly not stills from a lost episode…